Why Me, Why You, and Why US….

nlservicesHello, and welcome (back) to my website!  It’s been a while since we’ve been up and running, but it’s great to finally be back.  Hopefully new people, and returning followers will enjoy the new format, and ultimately I’ll be able to help so many more of you and your friends and family.  So, thanks for visiting or checking back, and if you need any help, I’m here for that and to help make getting in better shape more informative and more affordable for folks everywhere.

Now, to the point of this post.  You may wonder what the title means or what the point is.  Well, that’s actually pretty simple.  Allow me to explain!

Why ME?  That’s an easy one.  Why do I do what I’m doing?  I’ve been training now for close to a decade (gag me), and every day really is about helping someone reach a goal.  It doesn’t matter what that goal is to me, but watching someone achieve something they didn’t realize they could, makes me feel great.  Whether it be weight loss, muscle gains, improving athleticism, or just feeling better about yourself, I genuinely feel better seeing the happiness someone feels from working for it than I do for myself.

Why YOU?  This one may actually be a little tougher.  Namely, what is the reason you’re here for?  Why do you want my help?  What is it that I can do to help you do?  Over the years, I’ve seen a huge disparity in the number of people reaching their goals.  We have the “I don’t care, I just want to do SOMETHING” group, and the “I want to lose 10(0) pounds” group.  The fact is that when you have a clear goal in mind, it’s easier to achieve.  This doesn’t mean you have to set an easy goal.  Not at all.  What it means is that when you have a direct goal, you can also have a direct game plan for reaching it.  If you were building a house, would you just start hammering away and see what you come up with?  If you answered yes, feel free to go live in that dump and let me know how it ends up.  For the rest of us, setting goals is important for staying on track.  It keeps us accountable, but also allows us to reflect on reaching past goals while striving for new ones.

Why US?  Another easy one for me!  Us, meaning you and me, will ensure that you have a partner in your chase of the goals you set.  Want to lose weight?  I’ll help you when you don’t feel like moving off the couch.  Want to gain muscle?  Having me write the programs allows you to focus on just following a plan, and not spending the time to come up with your own blue print.  Basically, I can take away a lot of the stress or road blocks that may have kept you from succeeding in the past.

Lastly, how do we make this happen?  You’ll notice that I now have subscription based plans with different levels of purchase.  If you’re wanting to follow a good plan and save some money, check out my fitness level 1 where you can follow my daily workouts, articles, and nutritional guides to help you succeed.  Need more help than that?  For a few more dollars a month, I’ll send you a daily workout specifically designed for your goals.  Have children playing sports or participating yourself?  Try out my sports level 1 for drills to work on, or take advantage of level 2, where you can send me video for feedback and receive video back for specific fundamental breakdowns!  No matter who you are, where you live, the goals you have, and the size of your bank account, I’VE GOT YOU!

Working hard to make yourself better shouldn’t be so hard, and I’m here to prove that.  Join my team today!